Thursday, March 30, 2006

Warning Sign

I work a lot.

I've admitted here before that I'm a workaholic.

But this morning, I think it may have finally hit home.

I rolled into my classroom this morning, I won't tell you what time, I'll just say it was about an hour before sunrise. I went over to one of my workstations to login to print some reports I need for a staff development session I'm hosting this weekend. Now as department chair, I have 'special' access to certain servers that contain sensitive information, like test data and so forth, so I had to access one of our district servers to print said reports.

Upon logging in the first time, I got an error message that read 'Unable to log in at this time'. Thinking it was just another digital mishap, the pitfalls of working with a PC, I attempted to login again.

Same message; 'Unable to log in at this time'. Hmmm. Surely it must be a glitch somewhere downtown. So I try one last time.

New error message; 'You are trying to log on at an unauthorized time. Try again later.' Oh.

Then it dawned on me what the computer was really saying.

'You are trying to log on at an unauthorized time.'

Translation. . . Hey stupid, it's too damn early to be at work. It's so early even the computers are not awake. Come to think of it, the custodians are not even here yet. Why aren't you home in bed?

I think I officially work too much.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No Words

There is a special place in Hell for these people.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Life With A Two Year Old 2.0

Today was my youngest's first day of official Sunday School. Here is the craft that was the culmination of the lesson.

I'm guessing that based on the theme, this was supposed be a flower, thus smelling the flower would remind the brood of two year olds to be thankful for their noses.

They are just so cute at this age I could just die.

Peace to all.