Wednesday, July 02, 2008

That Guy

As a I peer through the rear view mirror of life and notice 30 fading in the distance and 40 the red light looming large just ahead, recent events have made me take stock of my current station in life.

Though I never thought I would live this long or well and quite certain that I have already reached mid-life it has occurred to me that I have become 'That Guy'.

Who is this generic archetype of male adulthood? Oh, you would recognize him if you saw him. Just channel surf and catch a re-run of an 80's family sitcom. Yes, I have become the charatcer on television I used to watch in my youth.

Here is a short list of things that have happened in the last few months which have convinced me of my new identity.

1. I recieved an invitation to my 20 year high school reunion. I'm not going.

2. Last weekend I made my oldest son volunteer with me at our annual neighborhood cleanup.

3. My life insurance agent left a message to tell me about the great rates available if I wanted to boost my policy before I turn 40. Rates get higher after that don't you know.

4. I called my agent back.

5. Last month I received a card from a new teacher thanking me for all the help I gave him this year and for my patience with 'young teachers' like him. He actually used the word 'young'. Not 'new teacher'. Stevie Wonder could see what he was getting at.

6. I was asked to be a board member of our neighborhood association. Who am I Cliff Huxtable?

7. My almost 11 year old boy has received a few calls from a girl named Anastasia. I'm the father of a tweener for crying out loud. When did this happen? Seriously, it seems like the other day he was still calling bees "flyingthingbugs".

8. I had to coat my bald head in sunscreen before venturing out in the sun the other day.

9. I have actually used the phrase "You know, when I was a kid...." Repeatedly.

10. I've started blaming our dryer for why my pants seem to be shrinking.

I could go on, but why. It is clear to me that I have become that guy who is middle class, has to two kids, a solid marriage, a career, house, community involvement, yada yada yada.

Is it all right if I still tell myself that I'm cool?

Be well.