Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Latest From the Middle East

One of Troy's recent posts prompted this post.

You know that in general my tent is in your camp when it comes to the Israeli government.

I agree with Sandalstraps when he mentions Bush's connecting the current atrocity in Lebanon with the War on Terror, thus sanctioning Israel's response. This is the same president that linked Iraq to the War on Terror. If you give this guy enough time, he'll link the outcome of American Idol to the War on Terror.

I can't help but wonder if Bush were truly interested in promoting democracy in the Middle East, he might actually come to the defense of Lebanon. If this. . . man, knew anything about the Middle East he would never have invaded Iraq and he would know that one of the best shots at representative democracy was slowly, painfully developing in Lebanon. After a half century of French colonial rule, three decades of civil war(accelerated by Israel's activity in the 1970's), the oppressive terrorizing forces of Syria and Hezbollah, frequent incursions by Israel, not to mention the assination last year of a popularly elected Prime Minister, Lebanon was emerging as a growing stable democracy in the Middle East. Many in this nation were becoming hopeful that they might conrol their own destinies and make something for themselves.

All this seems to be obliterated with the events of the last week. It may be only a matter of time before foreign nations and more foreign terror groups return to wreak havoc on this ancient country. George W. Bush could end all of this tomorrow by making one call to Ehud Olmert and tell him that he is not getting one more dime of American money or loan guarantees, not to mention weapons or settlement construction subsidies until he stops flying sorties over civilian areas of Beirut. His doing this would send a clear signal that Israel has the right to protect itself, as does any nation, while throwing the fledgling free society in Lebanon a rope.

But he sits idle. Content in endorsing the actions of one nation, so long as it helps him perpetuate his own misguided war. What is the messgae to the world? Sandalstraps is again correct when he says the president's actions conjoin the U.S. and Israel in fighting a war on Islam at worse or insensitivity at best.

And he is the poster boy for this nation.

If George W. Bush were interested in promoting democracy in the Middle East. He might do something other than what he is doing. But alas, he is not interested in that. He is content to be in bed with misguided Christians in high places who believe that the defense of Israel at all costs is the key to hastening the return of the Lord and they are willing to do anything short of painting a cow red to hasten this return. He sleeps well while Lebanese hopes for freedom from fear die with the roar of 'precision' guided missles.

I'll say it again, the man has blood on his hands. So does the nation he leads, even the people who did not vote for him.

Pray for the Lebanese, for Israel and for us.