Saturday, April 22, 2006


I have decided to rename Spring Break, Decompression Week.

This is the week that I have cast off the woes and responsibilities of being a teacher, department chair, club sponsor, curriculum leader, etc. and decided to do absolutely nothing so that I have the strength to retun to work on Monday and get through the remaining eight manic weeks of the school year. Seriously, I brought work home with me last week but have refused to do it. It is still sitting in the trunk of my car. Ha! Take that you albatross of my profession.

We spent most of the week in Vancouver. We saw great friends, had some really good Moroccan food, had wonderful PNW weather and generally had an awesome trip. It has been six years since we have gone anywhere and I can't imagine a better excursion.

In fact, while we were up there I attended a job fair in the hopes of landing employment that would make a possible move there a whole lot easier. For the last ten years there has been a huge part of us that has wanted to live in Washington, maybe now is the time. We would make an obscene amount of money off of our house, my wife would be able to take a couple of years off work and get her fibro under control, we like the weather, the scenery is astounding, there are not as many people there as there is in L.A., it is cleaner in Vancouver with an eye towards conservation, there are plenty of outdoor activities when the weather is ripe and we would be able to buy twice the house we currently have.

Could this happen? We will see.

Please pray.

Peace and love to all who care to read.