Monday, December 15, 2008

I Wish I Had Been There

I don't know if there is any greater indictment against this president than the recent actions of an Iraqi reporter. This poor excuse for a chief executive has so badly damaged our nation's reputatation and that of every Christian, of which he claims to be. Anybody who voted for this war criminal in 2004 should be ashamed of themselves. Though he deserves far worse, at the very least, these events may give him a sense of the anger, pain and humiliation he has brought to several nations, including our own.

We can only hope that history will be as unkind to Bush as this shoe throwing Iraqi nationalist. It would have sweetened the deal if Cheney were also in the line of fire.


At 12/18/2008, Blogger Aspirant said...

You know man, I don't think it will sink in at all. It should be an interesting era for historians to discuss later. But I have always thought the cost of this war, to us and Iraq, outweighed whatever benefits. I guess only time will tell. That the conflict made us look like imperialist invaders to most of the world there is no doubt. That it was illegal there is no doubt. That it had NOTHING to do with 9/11, there is no doubt. That Afghanistan is a huge mess, no doubt. That terrorists regroup in Pakistan, no doubt. And there are a lot of dead people, including civilians and children in Iraq. Also, who knows what Iraq will look like in 10 years, fifteen? Allied with Iran? Hard to say.

And I have long wondered if the miraculous success of the "surge" was due in part to Iran backing off for some reason, one way may not know...yet. But that is just conjecture.

Be well man, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.



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